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My name is Vlatka and I am a medical doctor ( anesthesiologist) by profession. After finishing University of Medicine and residency in anaesthesia and intensive care in Zagreb, Croatia, I started working and still work in one of the Hospital centres in Zagreb. During my medicine school I got to know human body and its functioning, as well as the methods of treatment of Western medicine. But I was always attracted by the alternative methods of treatment and healing. I started discovering the energetic side of the Einstein equation. I finished Reiki I and II , following with basic and advanced  Theta healing course. Because I was always interested in Chinese medicine, I finished and gained certificate in Basic Acupuncture Course. In 2023. I also finished phytoaromatherapy course. This alternative path led me to Dr Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School of Energy Medicine at The Four Winds Society, which brought and is still bringing personal deep healing. 

Western Medicine taught me how to treat and cure a disease, but Energy Medicine taught me how to heal. My wish is to help others to find their healing, change their lives, and dream their world into being.



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